The three essential components of fitness!



You may have often heard that for a well-rounded fitness program, you need three essential components:

Cardio:  Whether it’s running outdoors or on a treadmill, spinning or our fabulous Zumba fitness classes, this type of aerobic exercise is designed to get your heart pumping, burn calories and make you sweat!

Strength-training:  Whether it’s free weights, machines, sculpt classes or toning classes such as our popular new barre classes (using a ballet barre and borrowing from dance, Pilates and Yoga to build a dancer’s body – longer, leaner and stronger! ), this type of workout is key to rev up your metabolism and maintain or build muscle mass!

Flexibility:  Stretching is the best for soothing overworked muscles, strengthening your joints, and improving balance.  Yoga is an amazing addition to any workout that will help prevent injury, de-stress and clear your mind! It is for everyone!

Check the class schedule to find a time and type of class that works for you!


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