Merry Maintenance!

sb10061022ci-001We are into the most dangerous time of year weight-wise!  The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year are notorious for adding a few extra pounds!  The motivation to work out wanes as the weather gets colder, darkness arrives earlier and the urge to cocoon kicks in!  What’s more, the holiday season brings more cocktail parties, more socializing and more high-calorie goodies!  Let’s be realistic, this is not a good time to start an aggressive diet or strenuous new workout program!

Don’t despair!  How about aiming for maintaining your weight during the next couple of months?  Have that piece of pumpkin pie, Christmas cookie or glass of wine, but keep everything in moderation!  And importantly, don’t stop being active! The holidays are busy times for everyone, but you must take care of yourself to keep up your energy and stay healthy!  Try to get to class at least once or twice a week during this time – you will de-stress and burn a few calories too!  Zumba fitness classes are perfect for this!

January and your new year’s resolutions will come soon enough – Merry Maintenance!

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